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ChatGPT’s AI infiltration: Chatbots will soon be able to radically transform the healthcare sector

According to a new study, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has the potential to radically transform the healthcare sector by doing accurate analysis. ChatGPT can help doctors with administrative tasks like writing patient letters as well as improve the effectiveness and accuracy of processes for preventive care, symptom identification, and post-recovery care. AI integration into chatbots and virtual assistants can easily motivate and interact with patients, as well as review a patient’s symptoms and recommend diagnostic advice and various options such as virtual check-ins or face-to-face visits with a healthcare professional. This can reduce hospital staff workload, improve patient flow efficiency, and save money on healthcare costs. Chatbots can also answer patient questions about medical products and share brand news with customers, and pharmaceutical and medical device companies can use AI-enabled virtual agents to automate customer service processes and provide 24 hour attention to patients.

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