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Good Measures closes the food-as-medicine delivery gap through Instacart’s Care Carts

Good Measures, a digital health company, has launched the Good Food Prescription programme for health plans and employers, which curates culturally relevant meal plans personalised to each participant’s health profile and food preferences and generates shopping lists that Instacart fulfils and delivers using its new Care Carts technology. WellCare of Kentucky has partnered with Good Measures to enhance blood pressure readings in its Medicaid population and promote overall health equality. To encourage long-term behaviour change, participants get tailored, virtual, one-on-one registered dietitian counselling. Using personalisation, data-driven insights, and collaborations with firms such as Instacart, Good Measures created a long-term behaviour modification solution. Meal plan ingredients are delivered directly to participants via Instacart, removing barriers such as food instability and a lack of access to healthy alternatives. Early next year, Good Measures intends to expand the programme to additional Medicaid, Medicare, commercial health plans, and employer groups.

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