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Google reveals new AI health initiatives at annual “The Checkup” event

At its annual “The Check Up” event, Google Health revealed new health initiatives and collaborations. The business revealed new agreements to help create AI-assisted ultrasounds, cancer therapy, and TB testing during the event. The Google Health team delivered information about new search capabilities, tools for creating health apps, and the most recent advances in artificial intelligence-powered health research. The current version of its medical big-language model, named Med-PaLM, was the first AI system to effectively obtain a passing score, or more than 60%, on multiple-choice style questions identical to those used in US medical license examinations. Dr. Alan Karthikesalingam, a Google Health research lead, stated that the corporation is also evaluating replies from real doctors and clinicians. The opportunity is enormous, but it is critical to develop it ethically and in a regulated context.

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