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Kristen Fortney, Founder and CEO of BioAge, on harnessing AI to increase healthy lifespans

Kristen Fortney is at the vanguard of biotech attempts to translate knowledge of longevity research into medicine. Fortney is the CEO and co-founder of BioAge, a clinical-stage biotech company developing a pipeline of therapies to increase healthy lifespans by targeting the molecular causes of ageing. Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint, the AARP Foundation, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, and Khosla Ventures are among the BioAge investors. BioAge approaches ageing from a “human data first” perspective, learning about the fundamental principles of a healthy lifespan from people who are currently ageing healthily. They employ artificial intelligence and machine learning to evaluate the particular biological traits of people who live the healthiest, longest lives, and then use that information to design medications that could help everyone age effectively. They test tens of thousands of proteins, RNAs, and metabolites using contemporary omics technologies and then apply sophisticated AI and statistical approaches to sift through the subtle patterns to find the biological pathways and molecular variables driving a healthy lifespan.

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