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Novo Nordisk and Abbott team up to improve care for diabetic patients

Thanks to Novo Nordisk and Abbott’s partnership, diabetes patients will be able to better review their glucose levels. In order to provide context for the patient’s glucose patterns, healthcare experts request that diabetics keep a record of their insulin dosage.

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However, the procedure could take a while and result in erroneous, partial, or missing data. Automating the procedure might make it easier for diabetics to understand how to take care of their health. The Abbott FreeStyle LibreLink app is now compatible with Novo Nordisk’s smart linked pens. Due to the connectivity, diabetic patients using the NovoPen 6, or the NovoPen Echo Plus may examine both their glucose and insulin dose data in one location. All the patients have to do is press the pen against their cell phone and immediately input their data on insulin dosage.

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