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Penny chatbot improves oral chemotherapy adherence and toxicity management

Augmented Intelligence Chatbots Improve Medication Adherence and Toxicity Management in Oral Chemotherapy, according to a pilot study led by Dr. Parul Agarwal from the University of Pennsylvania Health System. The study aimed to address the challenges of administering oral chemotherapies at home, including complex medication schedules and potential errors. The chatbot, named Penny, used text-based conversational interactions to guide patients through their chemotherapy regimens and sent medication reminders twice daily. Patients also reported symptoms through the chatbot, which utilised algorithmic surveys and natural language processing to triage and address toxicity concerns. The pilot showed promising results, with high accuracy in interpreting medication-related messages and symptom reports. Patient engagement and confidence in medication adherence increased throughout the study. The implementation process involved collaboration among healthcare teams, researchers, and technology partners, resulting in improved care delivery and the development of a patient journey dashboard for future integration into electronic health records.

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