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AtlantiCare integrating AI & robotic bronchoscopy to combat lung cancer

To aid in early lung cancer identification and treatment, AtlantiCare is integrating pre-operative AI diagnostic tools and robotic bronchoscopy procedures. Within six years, the Deep-Learning Tool can predict lung cancer risk, and the Predictive Model detects early-stage lung cancer. AtlantiCare intends to use Ethicon’s MONARCH platform to find patients with the tiniest and most difficult-to-reach malignancies. Using chest radiographs and EMR data, researchers demonstrated how a deep-learning (DL) model can predict lung cancer risk. This has the potential to help identify individuals who might benefit from lung cancer screening, even those who are not eligible for Medicare screening. To tackle this, the researchers created and validated a technique that uses age, gender, current cigarette smoking status, and a chest radiograph picture to select high-risk patients who smoke cigarettes for lung cancer screening CT. The algorithm performed well in identifying individuals who are at high risk for lung cancer, including those who would benefit from CT-based lung cancer screening.

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