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Doximity is leveraging its telehealth services to free clinics in the US

Dialer Pro, a telehealth platform sponsored by Doximity, is offering free telehealth services to free medical clinics across the US. This platform can be accessed by around 1007 clinics that offer free healthcare services to the patients. Dialer Pro is improving its services by supporting clinics with the help of automatic language detection and its ability to switch between voice and video calls if broadband internet does not work. Felix Chinea, M.D., head of health equity and inclusion strategy at Doximity, says that the collaboration with such clinics has provided them with the ability to connect with physicians that are working in the free spaces. The specialty of Dialer Pro lies in its ability to employ non-internet forms of communication, and the physicians think that this will enable telehealth to reach healthcare deserts.

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