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HUM Nutrition and Vous Vitamin bet on the idea of personalised vitamin

HUM Nutrition and Vous Vitamin, the two rapidly progressing nutrition companies, think personalisation may be the future of nutrition. The two nutrition-focused companies offer personalised products and advice to their customers. In a podcast for McKinsey, Walter Faulstroh and Brad Helfand, the CEOs of HUM Nutrition and Vous Vitamin, respectively, have spoken on the ever-growing trend of personalisation in health and wellness. HUM Nutrition is a Los Angeles-based firm that offers “clinically proven nutrients personalised to goals of customers.” On HUM’s website, customers can take a quiz through which a recommendation plan can be made by a nutritionist. Vous Vitamin has taken a somewhat different approach towards nutrition: it will customise a pill tailored to consumers’ needs. On the website, after inserting the important information, such as age and lifestyle, the company devises a pill that contains all the vitamins that a consumer would need. Both the CEOs have personal stories behind their businesses.

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