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NIH grants $18.3 Million to Henry Ford Health for All of Us research programme expansion

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has granted $18.3 million to Henry Ford Health and Michigan State University for the All of Us Research Programme, aiming to advance personalised healthcare. This renewal extends participation until at least 2028, marking the largest NIH grant in Henry Ford’s history. The initiative, led by Henry Ford since 2017, involves a consortium of eight healthcare organizations across 16 states. All of Us seeks to enrol one million diverse participants to provide health data for tailored treatments and prevention. Participants can receive free genetic counselling and access to their genetic data. Henry Ford’s consortium emphasises diversity to enhance research inclusivity, addressing various health conditions. The programme facilitates over 8,000 researchers, including studies on multiple sclerosis, opioid use, and genetic links to skin conditions.

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