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Novartis’ Scemblix becomes the first approved STAMP inhibitor after snagging European nod

After securing FDA’s approval last year, Novartis’ drug Scemblix for a type of chronic myeloid leukaemia has bagged a regulatory European nod as well. The drug asciminib will be branded under the name Scemblix and has received the European Commission’s OK for patients suffering from chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML), a tumour that targets bone marrow. The standard treatment for CML has its faults: either the cancer grows resistant to the small molecule drugs, or the side effects eventually cause patients to cease taking tyrosine kinases blocking drugs altogether. Scemblix offers a slightly altered treatment, acting on the approach called “specifically targeting ABL myristoyl pocket” (STAMP). This drug is the first approved STAMP inhibitor for CML.

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