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Novo Nordisk partners with biotech in pursuit of molecular glue therapies for rare diseases

February marked Novo Nordisk’s collaboration with a biotech venture focusing on molecular glues to tackle rare diseases, representing a trend of significant investments in this burgeoning technology. Molecular glues, discovered in the 1990s, offer potential in oncology and rare diseases, exploiting their capacity to induce targeted protein degradation by binding degradation enzymes to previously untargetable proteins. IMiDs, notably lenalidomide, dominate the market, primarily treating blood cancers and autoimmune disorders, hinting at untapped potential for diverse indications. While the total venture financing for targeted protein degradation surged in 2022, molecular glues face competition from PROTACs, which offer simpler manufacturing but narrower applicability. The complexity and versatility of molecular glues present promising opportunities for therapeutic advancement.

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