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Post-it notes are alternated by AI technology to improve mental health

Shiri Sharvit, chief clinical officer of Eleos Health, uses Eleos, an AI-powered solution implemented to improve a mental health clinician’s workflow, and lauds it. Previously, she used post-it notes. However, keeping them safe was an issue. Sharvit and Katherine C. Kellogg, a professor of management and innovation at MIT, were moved to explicate AI’s usage in mental health clinics for a seamless workflow in a paper published in Frontiers in Psychology. Sharvit and Kellogg felt that clinicians usually felt left out in healthcare technologies. Both clinicians have focused on three key types of AI solutions, viz., patient engagement technologies, clinical decision support technologies, and automation technologies. The researchers have also talked about the challenges that surround these technologies and need to be addressed. Sharvit says that AI decreases stress, reduces cost, and improves the overall workflow for her.

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