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Regulating healthcare algorithms: ONC introduces ‘Nutrition Labels’ for transparency

Healthcare algorithms lack a unified regulatory system, with some, like the Apple Watch heart rate monitor, FDA-approved, while others from electronic health records (EHR) companies fall under the ONC’s jurisdiction. Effective March 11, 2024, the ONC’s new regulations require EHR companies to provide “nutrition labels” detailing 33 data elements about their algorithms, akin to food packaging labels, enabling hospital and doctor customers to assess data sources and functionality. ONC Director Micky Tripathi emphasises transparency, likening the labels to “model cards,” empowering customers to make informed decisions. While these rules apply to EHR-developed tools, Tripathi encourages broader adoption, underscoring the importance of transparency and thoughtful algorithm integration in healthcare technology development. Meanwhile, VantAI’s collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb employs AI to design molecular glues for disease treatment, leveraging AI’s advancements in molecular design inaccessible via traditional methods.

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