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Salesforce, Zoom, and Best Buy are deploying technology to transform healthcare

With the increasing demand of primary and specialty care, leaders at Salesforce, Zoom, and Best Buy explicate how they are changing healthcare by introducing technology. The tech behemoths believe that technology, such as virtual care and telehealth platforms, can fulfil the accessibility demand of healthcare. Senior Vice President Salesforce, Dr. Fatima Paruk, informs that the delivery of virtual care is rendering successful outcomes. While this change has been crucial for all, healthcare availability in rural areas has specially increased with tech-involved transformation. In a futuristic view, Paruk sees digital health as an instrument establishing equity in healthcare. Global Healthcare Lead for Zoom, Ron Emerson, says that during the pandemic, digital platforms became multipurpose. Emerson seconds with Paruk on the fact that the future will start becoming more and more digital. Best Buy is now concentrating on the adoption of telehealth because people feel more comfortable with virtual appointments, believes Diana Gelston, Vice President at Best Buy.

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