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Samsung devises a plan to further digital health and wellness

Samsung’s EVP and Head of Health R&D, Taejong Jay Yang, outlined the company’s vision that will be concentrated on improving health standards with the help of Galaxy watches and other products. Since Samsung’s vision and products are based on the needs of consumers,  three pillars would help the company achieve its objectives:

  1. Connected Wellness

The concept of connected wellness is to deliver results seamlessly, and Samsung’s application remains at the heart of it. Samsung’s digital health app, named Samsung Health, is an integrated platform that includes fitness, wellness, remote monitoring, data collection, and data analysis.

2. Senior Innovation

Mr. Yang explained Samsung’s BioActive Sensor that records and analyses Optical Heart Rate (PPG), Electrical Heart Signal (ECG), and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). This information provides accurate data for insightful analysis.

3. Industry Collaboration

Samsung intends to collaborate with other healthcare leaders to ensure the best outcomes for consumers. Currently, the firm is working with third-party experts and university research centres.

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