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Weekly Snapshot of Top Trends in the HLS Industry

Food as Medicine

PepsiCo Foundation, the philanthropic programme of PepsiCo, has announced that it will increase its efforts to combat food insecurity.

Digital Health

Health Cloud firm, Innovaccer, has launched its ‘Connected Digital Health solution’, a platform that will enable life sciences companies to deliver next-generation digital apps aiming at providing therapeutics and devices with immersive experiences for patients, better clinical results, and to create real-world evidence (REW).

Medical Research

Biochemists at Stanford has been successful in altering the brain’s ability to interact with itself by employing certain enzymes.

AI and Robotics

Regard, an LA-based software firm previously named as HealthTensor, is designing AI-sponsored co-pilot for physicians to assist them in carrying out diagnosis of medical conditions.


RooLife Group, an e-commerce and digital marketing company, has joined hands with AFT Pharmaceuticals, a New Zealand-based firm, to sell over-the-counter pharmaceutical products in an internet-based Chinese marketplace.