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CHALK revolutionises healthcare with ‘food as medicine’ approach in New York City

CHALK, a collaboration between New York-Presbyterian and Columbia University Irving Medical Centre in New York City, is revolutionising healthcare by integrating “food as medicine” principles into its approach.

They provide paediatric residents with training on social determinants of health and interdisciplinary interventions. Led by Kyle Murray and Dr. Ileana Vargas, their monthly workshops cover nutrition education, motivational interviewing, culinary medicine, and culturally competent nutrition therapy. CHALK recognises that social factors, like limited access to healthy food, contribute to chronic diseases. By bridging the gap between community and clinical care, they empower paediatricians to address these issues effectively. Their strategy emphasises small, sustainable dietary changes and connects patients with essential resources. CHALK’s holistic approach involves families, schools, healthcare institutions, and community organisations, fostering a healthier environment in Northern Manhattan and beyond.
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