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Colorado Food Is Medicine Summit: Uniting efforts for healthier communities and affordable care

The inaugural Colorado Food Is Medicine Summit convened various stakeholders, emphasising how nutritious food interventions improve health outcomes, reduce recovery time, and lower healthcare expenses. Led by Kaiser Permanente and Project Angel Heart, the event united health experts, policymakers, and community representatives to address the link between food and health. Leaders stressed collaborative strategies for enhancing ‘food as medicine’ efforts statewide. This concept transcends nutritional education, encompassing equitable access to healthy food and its significant role in overall well-being. From tailored meal deliveries to screening for food access, programmes aim to aid those with chronic illnesses or limited resources. Successful initiatives and partnerships were showcased, setting the tone for Colorado’s collaborative approach to enhancing ‘food as medicine’ for state residents. This initiative also promises a potential cost reduction in healthcare by improving health outcomes, as evidenced by reduced hospital readmissions and overall healthcare expenses.

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