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Washington State University reveals WA 64: The anticipated new apple

During the Washington State Tree Fruit Association meeting, researchers unveiled WA 64, a hybrid of Honeycrisp and Cripps Pink apples. Anticipated to reach orchards by 2026 and supermarkets by 2029, the fruit has been under study for over two decades. Scheduled to be named through a contest in spring 2024, distribution to growers will commence in 2026. Described as small to medium-sized and pink-blushed, WA 64 boasts firmness, crispiness, and excellent retention during storage. Taste tests have favoured its texture over the Honeycrisp and Cripps Pink varieties. WSU plans a selective commercial rollout, akin to the success of the Cosmic Crisp, emphasising fair access for Washington growers and global release while protecting local interests. The public can anticipate participation in naming contests and tasting opportunities in early 2024.

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