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Pharma giant Lilly unveils LillyDirect, a digital health experience for patients

Pharmaceutical giant Lilly introduces LillyDirect, a digital health platform offering diabetes, obesity, and migraine patients access to healthcare providers, education, and a digital pharmacy for select medicines. The platform includes a pharmacy service for ordering Lilly drugs online, delivered to patients’ homes through a third-party fulfilment service. Independent telehealth providers are also accessible, along with search tools for local in-person care providers. Frank Cunningham, Lilly’s group vice president, highlighted the platform’s aim to streamline healthcare access, emphasising convenience for patients’ everyday health management. This launch aligns with the broader trend of pharmaceutical companies venturing into digital health. Sanofi’s partnership with DarioHealth, Pfizer’s collaboration with Alex Therapeutics, and AstraZeneca’s launch of Evinova exemplify the industry’s increasing focus on digital therapeutics and health technology.

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