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Research reveals: Sleep disturbances are associated with shortened heart health lifespan

According to a new research of over 300,000 adults, inadequate sleep is related to a shorter lifetime for heart health. Researchers from Australia’s University of Sydney and Denmark’s University of Southern Denmark examined the sleeping habits and cardiovascular medical histories of 308,683 middle-aged adults and discovered that sleep disorders are associated with a significant reduction in the number of years of the heart health of a person. Breathing-related sleep disturbances were connected to a 7.32-year reduction in heart-healthy years for women and a 6.73-year reduction in heart-healthy years for men. The study investigates the many forms of sleep difficulties and their impact on heart health, and it encourages cardiologists and other clinicians to discuss sleep with patients and work with them to fix concerns that may have a long-term impact on heart health. According to Dr. Cedernaes and Prof. Stamatakis, the link between breathing-related sleep problems and heart health may be due to shared difficulties underlying both. Inadequate sleep has also been associated with aberrant cardiovascular system control, including the heart and blood vessels, as well as increased inflammation, blood pressure dysregulation, and sympathetic nervous system disturbance.

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