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Updated pangenome map of human DNA holds promise for transforming medical research

Scientists have created an updated map of the human genome, known as the pangenome, which includes data from 47 individuals representing diverse global ancestries. The original human genome, published two decades ago, was predominantly derived from one person and lacked representation of human diversity. The new pangenome aims to address this limitation and has the potential to revolutionise medical research by enabling the development of drugs and treatments that cater to a broader range of people. The pangenome consists of 47 distinct DNA maps that can be combined and analysed using advanced software tools to identify crucial genetic differences. While the research brings significant opportunities for personalised medicine, scientists emphasise the importance of responsible use of genetic diversity information and caution against misinterpreting it to reinforce social constructs such as race. This updated pangenome serves as a foundation for more inclusive and equitable healthcare in the future.

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