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16th Pak Pharma and Healthcare Exhibition: Advancing medical innovation in Pakistan

The 16th Pak Pharma and Healthcare Exhibition /Conference (PPE) kicks off at the Expo Centre, hosted by the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA). Punjab Governor Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman will inaugurate the event, with dignitaries like Prof. Dr. Javed Akram, Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood, Kashif Anwar, and PPMA Chairman Mian Khalid Misbah ur Rehman in attendance. With 400 stalls across two halls, the exhibition features 100 exhibitors showcasing pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment, research facilities, packaging suppliers, and healthcare products. The event highlights advancements in pharmaceutical technology, including ultrasound, x-ray, and MRI machines, surgical equipment, and hospital consumables, underscoring Pakistan’s commitment to advancing healthcare infrastructure and innovation.

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