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CMUH and Google Cloud Partner to Revolutionize Cancer Care with AI

China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) has partnered with Google Cloud to integrate generative AI into cancer care. The collaboration, initiated in December, employs MedLM, a healthcare-specific gen AI based on Med-PaLM 2. MedLM, boasting intelligence comparable to licenced doctors, aids CMUH in disease diagnosis, treatment planning, patient education, and medical research. The alliance aims to introduce assistive tools for precision cancer treatment. Notable developments include customised cancer treatment guidelines and a cancer therapy Q&A system. Additionally, CMUH utilises Google’s AI accelerators, TPUs, to expedite drug development. This partnership underscores CMUH’s commitment to pioneering healthcare AI models in the Chinese-speaking market, enhancing patient care, and facilitating medical innovation. The integration of AI not only streamlines medical processes but also positions CMUH as a leader in healthcare technology adoption.

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